Basic Search Tips


The Search box is located at the top center of each page, just below the database title. Ferguson's search returns many result types, including Advice Article, Blog Post, My Life Profile, School Overview, and Video.

To search:

  1. Enter a search term in the Search box. You can search using keywords or a specific phrase. Capitalization does not matter.
  2. Click the magnifying glass button to the right of the Search box or press Enter on your keyboard.
    On the search results page, you can filter results to show only specific record types by selecting checkboxes under "Narrow Results by Type" on the right. Types include:
    • Advice Article
    • Blog Post
    • Directory Resource
    • Industry Overview
    • My Life Profile
    • Profession Profile
    • School Overview
    • Video
    • Sample Document
  3. Search results are returned sorted by relevance.

Boolean Operators

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center supports Boolean searching. Boolean operators—AND, OR, NOT—can be added to search terms to refine results. If no operator is added, the AND operator is used automatically.

Enter a search term. Examples:

  • marine and biologist - Results include all articles with all of the search terms, marine as well as biologist
  • marine or biologist - Results include all articles with either of the search terms (marine or biologist) or both
  • marine not biologist - Results include only articles without the excluded search term: articles with marine that do not include biologist

Phrase Search

Use double quotation marks to define an exact phrase or phrases.


  • "health care" - Results include articles with health care together as a phrase but not a story with, for example, the phrases "health club" and "day care"
  • "health care" and emergency - Results include articles with health care as a phrase that also contain emergency
  • "health care" and "registered nurse" - Results include articles with health care as a phrase that also contain registered nurse as a phrase

Note: The Boolean operators OR and NOT can also be used in a phrase search. AND is the default Boolean operator.

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