How to Use the Career Interest Assessment


The Career Interest Assessment is designed to help you discover your personal interests and apply that knowledge toward choosing a future occupation. The results will help identify your primary interest areas and link them to jobs and industries where those interests apply. For more information about the Career Interest Assessment, see What is the Career Interest Assessment?

To use the Career Interest Assessment:

  1. Click the Career Assessment link in the footer, or select "Take Our Career Assessment" on the Explore Industries & Careers menu at the top.
  2. If you think you would like to save any portion of the assessment or results for future use, make sure you are logged into your folder before you begin. Please note that if you log in after saving an assessment, your current assessment will replace any results that were in your folder previously.
  3. Click the Begin button at the bottom of the page to begin your assessment.
  4. For each of the 180 statements in the assessment, consider how you feel about the activity and then select "Like," "Unsure," or "Dislike."
  5. To go to the next page in the assessment, click the Next Page button. If you missed any questions on the page, these will be highlighted in yellow when you click the Next Page button. Note that you must answer all 18 questions on a page to move forward.
  6. Use the Next Page and Previous Page navigation buttons at the bottom of the page, or the progress bar links at the top, to move between completed pages.
  7. To save an assessment at any point, click the Save (or Update) icon in the page tools box at the top right of the page. Every time you save, the most current version of your answers will replace the older assessment in your folder.
  8. Once you have answered all questions in the assessment, click the See Results button at the bottom of the last page. If you saved the assessment to your folder, clicking See Results will automatically save your progress again.
  9. On the Results page, you will find a ranked list of interest areas, with your primary interest area(s) highlighted in red. To get a list of industries and jobs related to an interest area (such as "Artistic" or "Social"), click on the link for that interest area in your profile. If you are unsatisfied with your results, click the Adjust Answers link to return to the assessment, where you can edit your answers.
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