How to Find Sample Resumes and Cover Letters


Ferguson's Career Guidance Center includes many sample resumes and cover letters, which you can download as PDFs or Word documents. See How to Download a Sample Resume or Cover Letter. The samples are accessible through browse or search.

To browse for sample resumes and cover letters:

  1. Click "Launch Your Career" on the top navigation bar, and then select "Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviewing" on the drop-down menu.
  2. On the Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills page, click the "View and download sample letters" or "View and download sample resumes" link (in the "Resume and Job-Hunting Skills" section of the page) to go to a gallery of samples.
  3. The sample gallery page is divided into categories (for example, "Cold Call Cover Letters"). Click on the "View..." link for a particular category (e.g., "View Cold Call Cover Letters"), or click on the "View all..." link (e.g., "View All Cover Letters") to go to a page of samples.
  4. Click on any of the sample images to open the sample detail page.
  5. On the sample detail page, you have the option to download the sample as a PDF or Word document, or save to your folder.

To search for sample resumes and cover letters:

  1. In the search box, enter the type of sample you are searching for as a search term. For example, "resume" or "chronological resume".
  2. On the Search Results page, you can limit results to samples by selecting the "Sample Document" checkbox on the right, under "Narrow Results by Type". If you do not see "Sample Document" under "Narrow Results by Type", then the search term you entered did not return any samples.
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